From 9am on Monday 22nd July you can watch the latest Read to a Million Kids video of Paul Blum reading Hunter's Moon .

As ever, the video will be followed by a short, fun Accelerated Reader quiz afterwards!

To access these videos simply complete the 'Join In' form here, letting us know how many kids will be watching, and follow the link that will be emailed to you!


Paul Blum

Hunter's Moon :

Vampires Inc. is a series of spine-tingling stories aimed at reluctant older readers. Vampires Inc. follows John Logan, an author, and Rose Petal, a private investigator, as they keep order in Brighton. The beachfront town has a hidden secret: vampires and werewolves walk the streets. When bite marks are found on a body, Rose is called in to solve the crime and cynical John discovers that the real world is far stranger than anything he could make up for his stories ...

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